Formed on the internet on 7.10.2015, SupermassiveMomentum is an improvisational rock powerhouse like no other! 

The band is consisting of Bassist Joe Jeffries (Denver, CO USA), Guitarist Mark Jarvis (San Francisco, CA USA) and Drummer Karl Jurczyk (Vancouver, BC Canada). 

Every piece of music created by SupermassiveMomentum is in true jam band fashion but with an insane twist. The music is 100% created on the fly.  Nothing (key, notes, progression, rhythm, etc…) is discussed or reviewed. The music is simply made! Every jam session is recorded, mastered and released for distribution.  Select video clips of the sessions are also made available. 

Who would have thought that three guys that are thousands of miles away from each other who have never met could create such driving rock instrumental compositions. SupermassiveMomentum is a force to be reckoned with. 

Look out music industry… this “IS” the new breed. Rock on! 

Press Photo

Karl Jurczyk · Mark Jarvis · Joe Jeffries